Retro Style In Duck Egg Curtains


The creative idea always produces the amazing thing such as the item that no one ever expects. One of the creative designs comes from the duck egg curtains. The manufacture has developed the model of the curtain using the blue duck egg color. Literally, the color is around the bright-pale blue. The amazing thing also occurs on the motif of the curtain. Generally, there are two classifications of the motifs. First is the retro pattern and the second is the minimalist pattern.

The domination color

For the duck egg curtains with the retro pattern, the motifs are dominated by the colorful lines. This is an abstract and the color combinations of the fabric also make the retro pattern is more alive. To exemplify is the curtain duck egg namely the retro lines with the pale blue color. This item uses the system of hook to hang. This is really flexible because they already prepare some details to install it easily. Then, you can manage them based on the stainless steel stick that you use.

Another thing about duck egg curtains consist of the minimalist pattern. This can be seen by the motif that they only use the simple design such as the smallest flowers, two strips lines, three squares dot, and etc. That will be the cutest duck of the egg curtains. Mostly, their basic range is £39.99.

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