The Pencil Pleated Curtains


If we talk about curtains, it has become very common for us to bump into pleated curtains. Well, such curtains are made by making narrow folds caused by pressing or sewing together two parts of cloth. That is why the curtains’ appearance is not just a mere cloth used to cover window. They often have folds for they are made by pleated style. Pencil pleated curtains to boot, can give additional chic touch on its uppermost part.

Wine Lalique Pencil Pleat Curtain at Dunelm Mill

Pencil pleated curtains can be found at Dunelm Mill. Was it different than just pleated curtains? Actually, it is not too different. Only, the pencil pleated style gives small repetitive pleats on the uppermost part in which it has the look of a pencil. Through that, the curtain is hung with drapery hooks. Although it is small, you cannot ignore how good it looks on your curtain.

At Dunelm Mill, one of those curtains is Wine Lalique Pencil Pleat Curtain. This kind of pleated curtains is very pretty and elegant due to its pattern. It has cream base color and is added with motif of red tulips in a wine shade. With collaboration of white and deep red wall, it fits in the room perfectly to give elegant and rich atmosphere you never imagine.

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