Winnie the Pooh Curtains for Lovely Toddlers Bedroom


In designing toddlers’ bedroom, Disney characters pattern will always come first in mind. Why? It is because many kids like them so much. Of course, it is because they are cute. If you put the pattern from one of characters into your design, the bedroom will look lovely as well. Let’s take an example here. How about choosing Winnie the Pooh curtains for your kids’ bedroom?

Winnie the Pooh Curtains in White

Normally, curtains with Winnie the Pooh pattern is associated with yellow color. However, let’s make your kids’ room different by being pure in white. Don’t distant yourself from this color even if it is easy stained by anything. Although it is clear type of clothes, it is what makes the room seem clean and serene. Such atmosphere is good for toddlers. That is why try to consider Winnie the Pooh curtains in white for this reason.

If it is white, then how it has something to do with Winnie the Pooh character image? Well, it has been said before that Winnie the Pooh is the pattern in a piece of cloth for window curtain. Thus, on white cloth, the image is printed. Try to look for the one with countless very small Winnie the Pooh images on the lowest part of curtain and some on the uppermost part. This kind of Winnie the Pooh curtains will enhance the loveliness of the room.

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